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Which is the best Apple iPad for you? The WiFi or 3G version

Apple’s latest iPad model, the iPad 3G, arrived on the market in the US friday .

Last friday Apple put the newest model of the Apple iPad on the USA market. The Apple iPad 3G

Apple latest model of the iPad is only a little bit heavier but from now on you can use internet in any place you want. Where is an 3G connection available .

This new feature will you cost around the 130 euros. The rumours of prices of the 3G version (available in 16, 32 and 64 GB models) in Europe start around 500 Euros .  The topmodel with 3G is rumoured at 799 Euros in Europe, if we believe may the rumors. Some sources say Apple will make an announcement next monday in which they will communicate all market prices and dates of availability per country .  

Early testers in the United States pointed out that you not only will pay extra the feature but also need to pay the subscriptions expense of the data bundle . 

They compared the performance of the iPad 3G on an AT&T network and it was the same like the iPhone 3GS did . Also the reach of the signal is almost the same . It is ofcourse not as fast as the average Wifi-connection, but it is quickly enough to surf and use e-mail and use the majority of the available online apps .  

The fast 1Ghz processor takes care of faster page loading that an iPhone . It gives you a fast user experience . Also switching between 3G and Wifi works hassle free . A beautiful icon show you are using the 3G or WiFi connection .

The die-hard Apple fans are not the one who bother which model to buy . There is an alternative available which give you more or less the same features . You need a Mifi router solution for this . Via this kind of software you can convert a device with GSM/3G/UMTS-signals into a WiFi-signal .  (Mifi-software is available for Windows Mobile Smartphones or jailbroken iPhones  or Symbian S60 phones).  

If you use this MiFi connection your Apple iPad is connected via de WiFi connection and believes it’s actually a WiFi connection . You have an extra advantage beside you can use your smartphone as router. You can also download and install Apps which demand WiFi .

American users and reviewers are complaining about the bad quality of videos when using 3G . On an iPhone, it’s not a great burden, but with a large screen of the iPad these videos become awful because of the low resolution .  

If GPS is important for you, the iPad 3G is the solution for you . The renewed GPS-chip of the iPad 3G, in combination with the network signal, works more precisely than that in the iPhone 3G(S) .

If you are really doubting because of the price you need to think if you are ready to take some concessions Install your smartphone with a software Wifi-router or use a Mifi-router with your regular  iPad.

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