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What are Good Netbook Accessories?

August 5th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I think you already have a netbook . If true, then good for you . If not, maybe you want to have one . And if you’re planning to have one you can start by reading a netbook comparison. Afterall, you should only have the best specifications like the Lenovo S10-3t specs that will be of help to you.  Netbooks are actually great mini laptops, and should be cared for well. Here are the only the best netbook accessories that are important for netbooks. I’ve also included optional, but still good accessories. These accessories will allow you to take good care and use the best of your netbook .

What are the must have good netbook accessories ?

A appropriate case, and or a bag. Netbooks should fit the bags utterly for protection purposes. You must also review the materials used for the case. Always go for high quality, so as to choosing a case that could stand firm minor shocks.

A proper external mouse. I usually recommend a wireless mouse . There are types that are expensive, and there are also the type that are affordable . No matter what you choose, make sure they don’t easily get broken .

An extra RAM. While most netbooks come in 1GB of run, it is always good tro upgrade it . And almost all netbooks can be upgraded , which is a good start. But there are also those that cannot be upgraded .

What are the optional netbook accessories?

An external DVD. You may want to buy this accessory to put a touch of style to your netbook. Since netbooks don’t have DVD drives, you can always purchase slick looking DVD or even Blue ray drives. It adds beauty and extends you video viewing experience.

A Netbook skin. This skins can protect netbooks from water spills and scratches . And establishes a touch of fashion on your netbook, which is good . And are also cheap accessories.

An external hard-drive. Although latest netbooks already offers large storage capacities, it is always good to have an extra space . External hard drives can store data backups for future use .

Those are the good netbook accessories to take care of your netbook. Taking good care and making use maximum use let you save in repair cost. And you will ofcourse enjoy spending a lot of time with your netbook.

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