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Find Out About Getting More Cash In Mafia Wars

October 8th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Maybe you would like to know how to make money in Mafia Wars. You’ve come to the right place to get that information. There are various ways on how to get money in Mafia Wars but here are some basic ways.  Some people ask if there are Mafia Wars cheats.  There are not really any real cheats, but just some Mafia Wars hints that you need to read.

When you are a newbie meaning you don’t have money yet, you can start by choosing Mogul as your character type since this type enables you to get more money from properties. Secondly, you should start carrying out a number of jobs to get at least some money. You can then start purchasing properties once you have saved a sufficient amount of money. This process is going to take awhile to do.

Make sure to place all of your money in the bank so that you won’t be robbed and it won’t be stolen during fights. Get to around $50,000 and buy some vacant lots and put a house on them. Once you’ve leveled up and have more money you can then buy better properties to double your income. Please keep in mind that this process may take awhile.  Have as much armor and defense as you possibly can. Once you’ve done that, you can put yourself on the hit-list.

Sell items that need a high maintenance. You do not need to keep things with a high maintenance or youll lose a bunch of money. Once you get a steady income, you can start buying Office Buildings, 5-Star Hotels, and Mega Casinos. Those are the best income. Buy whatever you can afford and by doing that you can earn huge amounts of money every hour.

You can also try robbing mafias. Each time you rob someone it requires one stamina point. To ensure a greater possibility of success, rob those with a lower member count than yours. You can also earn more money by asking your friends to get promoted to Safecracker or a Bagman. Safecracker provides you with more money from fights and a Bagman gives you more money from jobs. I hope you enjoyed my guide on How to get Money in Mafia Wars.

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