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Netflix movie subscribers hit 10 million plus

October 10th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The awful success story of Netflix continues unabbated. The company has announced that its reviewer base has blown through the 10 million barrier, in part due to the laugher success of it’s movie swarming online.
 The amazing success during these recession hit present time comes during Netflix’s push into additional ways of letting subscribers spotter movies.

As well as receiving DVD’s by snail mail (which they have been doing since 1999), customers are now able to stream movies straight from the internet and watch on their PC or video recording set. They are also providing streaming movies service to Xbox Live subscribers. More than 1 million users have downloaded the Xbox 360 Netflix client.

Apple TV and iTunes developments are on the way that will involve streaming movies and Live internet TV shows more accesible via Apple products.
It has the snazzy name of ‘iTunes Replay’, and is Apple’s on demand video service letting users stream directly from their website rather than having to download it to your ipod, this will save on your cherished hard drive space whilst allowing you to have a massive selection of TV and movies available to watch.

This ‘iTunes Replay’ service will also be available on the Apple iphone and TV set-top box. Letting users stream content directly to their TV set or iphone with no hassle. Great for the devices not blessed with gigantic hard drive space.

 Project Kangaroo, the TV on demand service proposed by BBC, Channel 4 and ITV was blocked by the Competition charge last week because it would create a monopoly and stifle any competition in this emerging market.

 Incorporating the pop gimcrack technology media player, the service will run straight from Channel 4′s website rather than as a downloaded application.

Currently the 4oD service involves downloading a player application that runs on P2P technology to watch internet TV. The current application will continue to be available, offer premium TV and movie streams.
 This development comes as channel 4 ramps up its online TV presence, seen by many as the future for broadcasting. The UK public are taking to online TV technology in droves. During the last year users have seen over 180 million TV shows through the BBC’s iPlayer the most successful catch up tv service in the UK currently.
Research has shown that most online tv viewing now is used by viewers looking to watch a missed show.

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