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Was Twitter to Blame For Bruno Losing Millions?

November 24th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hulu inexplicably stopped allowing TV streams across the Sony PS3 cabinet recently. But now we have a reason why. A Hulu spokesperson has )at last) revealed why they out of use(p) its live internet tv streams on PS3.
The reason seems to boil down to Hulu having legal issues with one of the content providers who does not want the playstation 3 inteferring with revenue generated by traditional television distribution channels.
“Everything we do is with an eye toward achieving our long-term goal of maximizing the content you can entree as hands down as possible in a way that ‘works’ for the content possessor. In the short term that may desire us to make some arduous decisions, but we only do so when we view it improves our long-term prospects to build a more enduring, legal resolution to that same problem.”

So in effect, Hulu are saying stick with us while we wean the studios off of the release windowing system whereby a moving-picture show “begins in theaters, then moves to pay per view and DVD, then to pay cable channels, then to interpenetrate tv, and so on down the line” – which has proved so lucrative and successful up until now.

subsequently the massive success of ‘Borat’, Sacha king Cohen and his film studio were confident that the new movie ‘Brüno’ would do it again with a predicted $50 million opening weekend hark back.
 So how did Twitter cost Brüno millions? Well the social chatting site has millions of users who all type what they hypothecate in real time. Even just after watching a movie and some of the comments regarding Bruno, were not very complimentary.

Now, many of you will know that Brüno is an outrageous movie in the tradition of Borat, in fact it covers a pretty similar storyline, but it is not impressing a lot of movie watchers. And after watching, they twittered their opinion which travelled fast.

obstinate to popular belief that we will all be watching Ad supported Free TV online, it has been claimed that this year will see a major growth in viewers paying to watch internet TV.
In a report promulgated by Strategy Analytics, online viewers will happily pay to view, as they currently pay to listen with music downloads.

 This occur will surpass advertising revenue from online video for 2009, expected to hit $3.5 billion.
 Interestingly, the report reveals that the current economic downturn is actually encouraging paid content. Martin Olausson, Strategy Analytics conductor of digital media research said:- “The economic downturn and diminishing advertising budgets have increased the focus on consumer paid content on the Web in the last six months.”

There has been a massive even off in advertising budgets everywhere which has slowed internet TV’s advertising growth, said Olausson. More and more consumers are staying at home for their entertaining pleasure and paying for it.

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