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Be Aware Of Zeus Botnet

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Zeus is also the name of a bad program dedicated to steal your bank account details once it has infected your PC. This rogue program is a dangerous app. that has spread around the world because of hackers. This virus has been built differently by hackers with the Zeus Builder Toolkit. This program allows them to configure the virus the way they want. If you do see names like PRG or WSNPoem, they all refer to Zeus. The following website remove Zeus Botnet has lots of infos about Zeus Botnet.

You can get that virus from emails (spam ones) that claims to come from good and legit websites. Those emails are full of various links to many dangerous web pages. On those pages, you will be asked to download some file besides being asked for some personal infos. So the file will be compromised with a variant of that Zeus Botnet that will infect your PC this way. Some people have reported recently having been infected by one of the many variants of that virus when visiting social websites like Facebook and MySpace. These variants send messages to users of these social networking sites claiming that they need to download and install an ‘update tool’ to update their user profiles. But what you will rather get is one of the many variants of the Zeus Botnet disguised as that file. Check here computer repair for an online service that will help you clean your PC from that threat while here virus removal for a virus removal guide.

Once on your system, Zeus Botnet will wait for your Internet connection to be ready. The virus will proceed to get a bank’ file list from the net. Reason is to try to get some of your personal information. Zeus Botnet will record whatever you do type on your keyboard the moment you are visiting any of those bank’s website. Zeus will also infect your web browser. Whenever you have to fill some forms, this virus will add more fields (false ones) that will give to those hackers even more personal infos about you. The Zeus Botnet developper will then get on a regular basis datas/infos gathered that way by the virus.

As Zeus is a dangerous program that invades privacy, you should take measures to remove it as soon as you find a copy on your system. You should deep scan your personal computer using a good antivirus program able to detect Zeus Botnet.

If you’re going to do a manual removal of that virus from your system, you should be very careful when doing such steps. What you should do when trying to manually delete this threat is to stop its process and to delete its only file from your PC.

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