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What To Do If You Laptop Stops Working

January 28th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It is not something we like to think about but one day we are probably going to try to turn on our laptop and it just isn’t going to work. We can take it to the experts and maybe they can fix it or maybe not. The fact is that a laptop is not built to last forever and one day that data on our hard drive is going to become corrupted. The scary thing is that we never know when this day is going to come it could be a lot sooner than we think. So to prepare for this day, there are a number of things that you can do to soften the blow and the following tips will give you some ideas.


- Make sure you are regularly backing up your data on an external hard drive. This will mean that should your data become corrupted on your laptop, then you will at least have it somewhere else too. Some of us not only keep written documents on our computers but also things like photos and video if you lose all your videos then this will be a sad day indeed.


- It can also be a good idea to back up your data online; there are programmes that will automatically do this for you and this is worth considering. It is better to have a few copies of your data in various locations because that way you will have less chance of losing it should something happen to your laptop.


- Keep notes of where you got your software if you bought them online. Keep login details and activation key numbers. That way you should be able to reinstall everything on a new computer.


- If you want to be sure that you won’t lose documents while working on them, you could always consider using something like Google Docs for large or important documents.


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