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How to Stay Connected Socially with the LG Ally

Almost every new phone released claims to be the best by trying to impress with specs. LG took a different tact with the Ally. Instead of making a high-priced device they made a budget-friendly phone with great social networking features. LG also ensured a great selection of LG Ally accessories, so we won’t have trouble personalizing or finding that perfect LG Ally case or LG Ally Screen protector. But today we’re going to focus on social networking. In this article, we present to you our choices for top social networking apps that take particular advantage of the LG Ally.

We’ll start with Facebook for Android. Yes, it’s obvious, but you just can’t have list of top social networking apps without mentioning it. Facebook is free, and it streamlines the experience for smart phones so there’s none of that fighting with a mobile Web browser. But when using Facebook from our phone, more often than not, we’ll be using AnyPost. AnyPost is a Ping.FM client that allows you to connect to more than thirty of the most popular social networks. Facebook for Android is great when you want to do something specific on Facebook, but AnyPost is where it’s at when you just want to network.

Bloo and Blabber are the next applications we will discuss. Both Bloo and Blabber are Facebook for Android alternatives. So why have three apps for Facebook? Well, you only need two, maybe one, and Facebook is nice to have when you want to perform some light Facebook work. But Bloo and Blabber should be your choice when you really want to go to town. Both integrate features such as push notifications, photo swipes, photo comments and so forth. So which one is right for you? MY best advice would be to try them both and then choose the one that you want to keep.

After our Facebook apps, we have Delicious, Digg and DroidIn. Delicious is a great app that offers us a place to join and tag all of our bookmarks. In other words, they will be stored online so that we can always have access to them. Digg needs no introduction. It’s the Android client for the popular Digg network, which lets you dig up and bury Web content.  DroidIn is the most sophisticated and powerful mobile client available for the LinkedIn network. Sure, you can connect via AnyPost, but you’ll want this too.

Lastly, we present Flickr Droid, Pingdroid and Reddit-is-fun. As the name suggests, Flickr Droid lets you access the Flickr picture service. This allows the customer to upload pictures, download pictures or just simply browse through them. Pingdroid is another Ping.FM tool. It’s not a replacement for AnyPost but if you’re a Ping.FM power user, Pingdroid provides some neat tools you’ll want to have on hand. Lastly, Reddit-is-fun is a client for Reddit that allows you to manage your account and submit links directly from your LG Ally.

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