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Comparing PDA Devices to the Blackberry Torch

The BlackBerry torch is a recently released Blackberry phone which was designed to be more competitive in a modern smart phone market. In order to better compete with the iPhone and a variety of Android hardware, The BlackBerry Torch sports a variety of new features, both hardware and software. A lot of the Torch’s features are a first in terms of BlackBerry phones go, but not so much against the other Android phones.

On the software side, it runs BlackBerry’s new OS 6. This updated OS is designed specifically to compete against the other Android phones. The integrated Webkit based browser is a lot better than the previous version. Older versions of BlackBerry’s browser were clearly mobile browsers, because of their limited functionality and slow speeds. On the other hand, the Android operating system ran browsers as easy to use as any desktop computer. The new browser puts Blackberry up there with Android . The Torch also supports a unique navigation scheme. Large icons on the home screen make it easy to navigate to different parts of the phone, and are customizable.

On the hardware side, the Torch is clearly a BlackBerry phone. It is Blackberry’s first slider phone, but nevertheless still has a keyboard. Seeing how most Android phones are touch screen based only, that makes the Torch a bit unique.. The Torch also bears resemblance to many previous BlackBerry phones, with its slightly oval design, whereas many Android phones are designed to be a lot more box-y. Although the hardware isn’t completely unique, it’s nice to see people who prefer BlackBerry phones and still want to have Android based features.

Just like with any smart phone, accessories are essential for protection and to increase functionality of the device. Common types of BlackBerry Torch accessories include BlackBerry Torch screen protectors and BlackBerry Torch cases. You will probably want to protect your phone, to make sure it stays in good condition for a long time. After all, the typical life cycle of a phone is two years, so you will want to make sure it lasts. The Torch is a nice piece of hardware, but it certainly isn’t indestructible, and you will want to keep it safe.

Overall the BlackBerry Torch is a nice phone. Unfortunately, it’s still a tad bit difficult to point out what exactly makes this totally unique from most Android phones. It mostly feels like BlackBerry’s attempt to catch up with the Android phones, which they did well, but they didn’t really surpass any of them. The biggest difference between the Torch and any Android phone is simply that the Torch is a BlackBerry phone. The Torch has been Android-ized somewhat, but still bears many resemblances, both in hardware and software, to older Blackberry phones, and it hasn’t really excelled above Android phones in any way. With everything that has been said, the Torch is a great phone, and is a good phone to consider getting.

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