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5 Simple Steps To Relaxation Before Your Driving Test – Tips For Turkish Students

Anybody sitting their driving theory test or practical test should comprehend how stressful the weeks and days leading up to the actual examination can be let alone the actual test itself.  Some folks are normally better in working with pre exam nerves than others.

In this article I want to provide an outstanding strategy which will help you chill out before your driving theory test or your practical driving test. Now before you use this method you should comprehend that it involves the use of mild hypnosis to aid you to get into and continue to be in a soothed condition.

If you have~ never been hypnotised don’t worry as this will not hurt you in anyway but is most likely to not only help you take it easy in any stressful circumstance but additionally give you the essential self-assurance you may be lacking. It is quite crucial to keep in mind by no means to use hypnosis when you are driving or using machinery of any kind. The perfect setting is a room in which you will not be disturbed for approximately half an hour and where you can sit or lie down.

You can practice the following strategy just before any examination but my recommendation is that you use this approach once every day for approximately two weeks just before your theory exam or driving practical test.

So when you have chosen a suitable room where you can just sit or lie down and simply unwind go through the following instructions in your head.

Step One

Close your eyes and start to unwind your body so that every limb just feels as if its simply falling into its own little comfortable place. Now I want you to put you mind on a place, somewhere you have been or possibly somewhere you may prefer to go. This place ought to be someplace that you experience being completely relaxed and clam. This could be sitting on the seaside viewing the crystal clear blue water. It may be in a green forrest full of nice smelling flowers. Simply choose any scenario in which you really feel genuinely soothed and fix your mind on this place.

Step Two

Now we will perform specific areas of your body starting with your feet and going up to your head simply to make sure each and every last bit of pressure is removed. So I want you to envision that both your feet slowly begin to really feel heavier and heavier. Your feet seem to possess a mind of their own and simply want to do absolutely nothing more than loosen up. You feel each and every muscle, each and every nerve and every cell in your feet just letting go. It is as if they are detached from the rest of your body and are gradually reaching a state of rest and harmony.

Step Three

You can now begin to imagine the feeling of relaxation spreading up your feet and up your calf and into your thighs and all the way up your legs. Let the process repeat itself from your tummy up to your chest. Let it spread further into your arms and after that back again until your neck. Last but not least let the waves of relaxation circulate into your head and circulate into your eyes and ears.

All your body should now be soothed, so what I want you to do is picture that you are now on the top of a set of stairs. You are wanting to climb down these stairs one step at a time. There are ten steps in total and by the time you get to the last step you should be in the most soothed condition you have ever been in your life. So start off counting down from ten through to zero. With each step feeling far more relaxed and leaving far more of your worries behind.

Step Four

Once you get to the bottom step I want you imagine that you have just started either your theory exam or practical driving exam or for that matter any other test. You can see yourself about to begin the test. It’s as if you are almost there in person and all you experience running through your entire system is a sensation of total rest and harmony. You also really feel a surge of self-assurance and eagerness to start the exam as you realize that you possess the capacity within you to defeat any challenge that comes up. All you feel is calmness and ease with a sensation of all your knowledge pulsating through your body and becoming easily available to your finger tips. Every thing you have learnt is suddenly straight forward and simple to apply. You see yourself last but not least ending the exam and leaving the exam centre. There is a enormous grin on your face as you picture the feeling you will have as you quickly sail through your exam with out any difficulty.

Step Five

Now I want you to imagine that you are back again in front of a set of stairs. There are only 5 stairs to get down this time.  With every single step you climb down you are gradually going to begin to come back to the room which you are now resting in. As you start to come back to the room with every step that you descend you will bring back with you all that relaxation and self-assurance.

As you get to the bottom of the stairs you will open your eyes feeling totally relaxed and with a rush of power waiting to take on any problem.

You can now repeat the procedure once a day till the evening ahead of your theory exam or practical driving test. This technique will hopefully assist the substantial number of individuals on the internet who can quickly pass their exam but are unable to do so owing to their tense state during the test.

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