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Why The Dell Laser Printer 1700N Is A Good Choice For Small Offices

August 2nd, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

If you are in the market for a laser printer that can save money while efficiently handling the needs of your small business or home office, consider the Dell 1700 printer. This fast and economical printer has a proven track record of success and provides reliable Dell Laser 1700 replacement toner while keeping operating costs at a minimum.

This device excels in print jobs not requiring color. In fact, when compared to other printers with the same general specifications, the Dell ranked close to the top in quality. The 1700 was designed with economy in mind and can be significantly less expensive to operate when compared to inkjet devices. The per-page cost is lower than average, especially when users get high-quality Dell toner.

Setup is simple. This printer was originally designed to work with PCs running Windows but can also be configured to work with Macs. There are no long, complex installation directions and USB setup usually takes only a few minutes. The included disc provides utility software which will automatically check the toner levels and print queue, a necessary function in a busy office setting.

This workhorse measures a tidy 13.9″ X 15.5″, and is 9.8″ high, easily fitting into tight office spaces. During operation, the printer produces an average amount of noise and is completely silent in standby mode. Clearly marked function buttons are placed at the top and are easy to see. LEDs provide a constant update of what is being processed. The paper feeds and exits from the front for ease of operation. Special jobs using non-standard paper can be singly processed and exit through the rear to keep jamming to a minimum.

Standard paper capacity begins at 250 sheets but there are upgrades available for use as your needs and printing volume grows. The included software enables an office manager to track individual use, a convenient way to keep costs under control. Watermarks and overlay features are standard and under the control of the system administrator.

Print quality is high. Text is readable, clear and free from distortion or muddiness. Pages are easy to see and resolution is more than adequate for reproduction of reports and forms or any home use that doesn’t require color. It can easily handle the detail and shading of black and grey with a minimum of annoying banding. Graphic printing usually average about 3.5 pages per minute and can be increased by upgrading the memory.

Basic memory begins at 32mb and upgrade slots are available. At 1200 X 1200 dpi, it can handle envelopes, transparencies and card stock in addition to regular paper. The original cartridge has a 3,000 page capacity and that may also be enlarged. Participants in the Dell program for replacement and recycling may choose fresh cartridges with a capacity up to 6000 pages. Cost per page is low, very comparable to other printers in its class.

If help is ever needed, there is 24/7 technical assistance available from Dell. The built-in efficiency and ease of use makes the Dell 1700 printer a good choice for small business or home usage that requires no color reproduction. As an economical, no-frills machine, this printer and its Dell Laser 1700 laser toner may be a good choice for your home or office.

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