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Work at Home – For some and not others

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There are numerous reasons why working from home is such a fantastic idea. You don’t have to commute to an office or work place, which in turn gives you extra time in the day to either work, do any necessary household jobs or throw off the extra time with family or friends.

Working from home also creates extra time in the day saved from the interruptions that usually occur in the work place. Without these interruptions you are able to sharpen on your work and genuinely dedicate your time to working productively.

The hours worked at home are flexible in nature by being able to fit in the school run, a doctor’s appointment or meeting the accountant.  These things are all possible if you work from home because you are able to work the hours you want, when you want. As long as you are productive whilst you are working and your manager is pleased with the results, then everyone benefits.

If you are able to work from home you don’t need a big budget for an office wardrobe. You could be saving yourself hundreds of dollars each year by being able to wear your everyday clothes at home whilst working. Money is also saved on commuting costs, not to mention the saving to the environment with less commuting vehicles on the road.

The disadvantages to working at home are the loss of social interaction with work colleagues. Some people may thrive on the office atmosphere and find it quite lonesome working from home. Another factor may be trouble in finding the motivation to work at home if you are not surrounded by other people working away at their desks. There may be too many distractions at home and the word procrastination comes to mind when it comes to the time of day that you truly begin doing any work.

Working from home often creates a flavor of having to prove that you really are doing work at home and may lead to doing extra hours. It may also be difficult to turn work off when you want to relax at home. Not everyone can switch off so easily when the office is in the home, they would prefer to keep the place of work separate from the place of residence.

There are a growing number of people who can see the definite advantages to working from home, but it doesn’t suit everyone.  The general way of thinking seems to be changing and people are becoming more open to working from home. Employers can see the advantages and disadvantages, it really comes down to the individual, who they work for and the type of work they do as to whether working from home is a viable option.

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