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How Do I Get Rid of Windows PC Defender

This program is nothing more then a fake security client.Like almost all of these software programs it’s a total scam.  Read this Windows PC Defender Removal guide for removal instructions.

Often times people who get infected with this find their computer get’s really slow and they are unable to use the add and remove programs options in Windows to remove this threat.
For most out there they get infected from a trojan downloader virus.If you are infected with this then you will most likely have several other threats as well. Because these traces change all the time people find it best to use updated security software to fully remove this threat.

This virus also does damage to the Windows registry.  We recommend you use a registry cleaner  to fully repair your registry.

In some cases people may find it too hard to remove them selves and they need a pro to remove it for them.  This computer repair company is one of the best ones out there.

This threat will mutate a lot over time but many people out there will computer knowledge will still be able to manualy remove it.  The main thing you will need to do is remove the Windows PC Defender files from your computer. While the exact location will vary often times it’s in a folder that will be similar to Windows PC Defender located under Program Files.Now you can see what the .exe program name is.After you know the file name you will be able to use the Task Manager to end this process.  Once the process has ended you can remove the .exe file and all files in the folder.

Often times the task Manager will be disabled.You might be able to rename the .exe file to a different name.  Then re-boot.Now that you are logged in again you should be able to fully remove the .exe file.

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