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How Security Essentials 2010 Tricks Computer Users

Similar to Internet Security 2010 and similar to many other applications that fall into the category of rogue anti spyware, Security Essential 2010 is a scam that affects an increasing number of computers. You will get infected by this program via Trojans. You might get Trojans whenever you are surfing the web. You might get some applications saying they are Flash updates while in fact they are Trojans that will infect your PC once you do start to install them. During the first phase of the infection, this malware will install itself so it will start running in the background every time you do logon on your system. Check this website Security Essentials 2010 to learn more about this spyware.

Since this spyware will start behaving like an antivirus solution, many computer’s users do not believe they are indeed caught with a real bad program. This malware will then do a fake system scan. It will show you a report saying your computer is infected with tons of viruses, worms and more. This spyware will create fake files besides modifying good ones used by Windows. So the list you will see is but a fake one full of threats not even on your computer. After these steps are completed, the program claims to be unable to quarantine the viruses unless you purchase its full version and many people end by paying for this scam. Check this website online virus removal is an online service to clean your PC from threats while this one virus removal guides has lots of infos about virus removal.

This spyware will slow down your computer a lot and will affect its performance. It will also show you lots of pop ups and commercial ads. This spyware is not easy to get deleted. If you try to start some executable, it will not function and this spyware will say it is but a threat. This is not true: this program is only preventing you from trying to execute some real antivirus application.

You do have 2 main options when you want to clean your PC from this spyware: doing it automatically or doing it manually. Automatic removal is easy beacuse you can delete this threat without too much effort. If you want to do it manually, the instructions to do so can be found over the web.

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