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3 Sorts Of Places That Would Benefit From Having A 360 Virtual Tour On Their Website

July 31st, 2011 No comments

A virtual tour company is the very best way to enhance a website. Any normal website will have at least some photos of their venue and some sales text. A 360 virtual tour speaks millions of words, where photos only speak hundreds! There is nothing like allowing your website users to walk through your venue as if they are there in flesh through virtual tours UK. What kind of venues normally go for a 360 virtual tour? Here are three good examples.

For those that can afford it, virtual school tours are highly recommended. Where as a tour company is relatively inexpensive, for state schools it depends on their budget. A fee paying school is more likely to opt for this with the resources and need to fill desks. A 360 tour for a school will let the parents view before they en-roll their children. You can view everything from the sports hall to the science block. Those parents with sporting kids will no doubt be enticed by well presented sports facilities.

Similarly universities would benefit from tours. With a tour, a university can put its rich history on show for all to see. The university system is a highly competitive marketing field these days with money to be made from students partaking in the many different degree courses one can now study for. Any university with a tour on its website will have that little bit extra over its competitors.

Back in the day, it was hotels and then conference centres that really made use of tours. Back in the day the quality wasn’t fantastic, with images stuck together to form a 360 panoramic view. These days the technology has come on in leaps and bounds. A hotel with rich history can show itself off in its full glory. The detail at which tours are produced, in HD, allows the traveller to jump in and feel the sheets on the bed from the comfort of their arm chair! In the hotel industry, appearance is everything. What would impress you more, some tatty old photos or a glorious virtual tour showing the hotel from top to bottom?

The sports industry, primarily football has changed over the last decade. Once upon a time, you could get into a football match for price of a pint. These days its cheaper to stay in a hotel! With footballer’s wages these days, the clubs have to squeeze out every penny by putting on for example, tours. A typical tour involves a visit of the dressing room, trophy room and the tunnel. Panoramic tours can replicate this experience brilliantly.

It doesn’t matter what you do, your website will be enhanced by a virtual tour. There are plenty of companies to pick from. You can even ask your virtual tour company to help integrate the tour within your website. Once done, the visitors should come pouring in!