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Why You Must Go For A Colo Service To Power Your Business

September 20th, 2011 No comments

It would not be that wise to have an IT department for a company that is small scale and is only starting their business. But, it would be an advantage for a company to have an IT Department in their company since it is one of the factors that will determine the success of a business especially today that there is a growing competition. This IT infrastructure is the one that companies rely on with regards to the design and management of their sites. And as we all know, a company’s site is vital for advertising and extended services online. With the technology that we have now, there are now ways that you can have the online marketing in a cheaper alternative. One thing that you can consider with the said alternative is colo .

Co-location would be a good option for companies who are looking for safe and secure way of managing their server machine. Although this method can be costly if compared to some standard web hosting, the amount that you can gain from it, and its efficiency is a different story. You have the freedom to choose what place in the colocation you will place your server machine making it personalized. It will now depend in you if you want to rent the server or own it. The said company where your server will be colocated will then give the necessary IP address, bandwidth and power to your service, which will surely give you no hustle while on the process. You can definitely access it anytime you want once you will get a confirmation call that you can now use the service. The only difference is that you own the hardware.

Colocation can be the best option that you can take considering that a good internet connection with a high bandwidth can be very costly. If you are thinking of having fewer expenses with a dedicated and limited DSL line, you are wrong. Saving some cash in terms of internet connection fees can be achieved with the use of colocation because given the same price compared to DLS lines, you can have a greater connection. You should be well aware that having a greater bandwidth will only mean a better performance for your site.

This saving can even be greater if the only way for you to access a dedicated network is expensive because it is full or outdated in terms of technology. You can also be rest assured that your server will be safe from any form of danger or damage through collocation. Optimum security cannot be possible in a simple office and this might only lead to the stoppage of the servers’ services. On the other hand, a colocation provider will make it certain that your server will be safely intact and it can’t be harmed by any outside force.

One of the best things about UK colocation data centres is that the company owns the server hardware and software. You can easily upgrade your hardware if you think that the network connection is quite slow and is not performing well with regards to the new demands nowadays. This is also a part of some colo and colocation services. The only thing that you need is to provide them with the hardware that you want to be installed in your system. There is no need for you to wait endlessly for internet providers to improve their hardware just to give better services to their customers. This is also applicable with regards to software. With colocation, the company can use any software that they want which will give them the freedom to use the application that is effective for their system. The only concern left for the company is to purchase and install the software that they want.