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Important Uses of Mobile Mounted Computers

March 15th, 2011 No comments

In this very high-tech and modern world we live in, most people don’t even go a day without being near their computers, but there are certain occasions when the majority of us must disconnect. For example, most civilian vehicles don’t have the technology to give drivers access to their full and personal computers. But for some, this capability is necessary and even life-saving. Professionals from the law enforcement, public safety, telecommunications, utility, and military professions often utilize advanced computer technology while they’re on the road, and for that they need a computer mount and computer. Let’s look at a few of the occasions where having a laptop vehicle mount and computer is needed.

In law enforcement, police officers and officials need a computer with them while they are out on patrol, seated on laptop vehicle mount and available to help them should they require this tool. As many drivers know, the first thing that a police officer does when he or she has pulled a driver over is ask for a driver’s license and vehicle registration. Then he or she will go back to the police car and use the computer seated on the laptop vehicle mount to run the driver’s license, look the official records up in their database, and discover the driver’s driving and behavior records. Without the computer on the laptop vehicle mount in the police car, a police officer’s job would be much less efficient and more dangerous. For instance, what if a police officer pulls a convicted felon over for a traffic violation? Without being able to use a mobile computer on a laptop vehicle mount, the police officer may not know about the dangers of dealing with this felon, and may be unprepared.

Public safety vehicles, including ambulances and fire trucks, also employ mobile computers set on elaborate laptop vehicle mounts to make their jobs quite a bit more efficient and safe. With this technology, GPS and navigation is simple and quick, and information is available and present with these public safety professionals when it’s needed.

In a similar fashion, the military employs the use of laptop vehicle mounts in their vehicles to provide a platform for their heavy-duty, functional mobile computers. These computers are mobile, full workstations that utilize advanced GPS, mapping applications, complicated communication tools, tracking capabilities, secure information records. In this scenario, the laptop vehicle mounts and the computers that rest on them have to be made from durable, trustworthy material that can withstand tough conditions. Mobile computer screens often need to be “sunlight readable”, touch screen, and meet specific explosive atmosphere, pressure and temperature requirements. It is also important that military personnel find it easy to remove the computers from the laptop vehicle mounts, and in turn, replace them.

As this article suggests, mounted computers already have an important role within many industries, and in some cases, could be helping save lives. They’re an extremely important technology that we have found many uses for, and, as our technology advances, their existence will prove more and more important.