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BBC IPlayer Goes Portable For Life

July 12th, 2011 No comments

The News that Channel Five have decided to move out from Project Canvas will come as a blow to the other Project Canvas spouses.
Channel Five has been put up for sale by RTL it’s parent company, RTL is one of the seven partners in the Project Canvas venture, which is probable to launch next year after getting the go before?  from the Ofcom.
One of the conditions each partner has to adhere to is to fund an similar office of the development costs. The BBC Trust has said that the cost of Project Canvas, including development, launch, and the commencement four years’ running costs, will be £115.6m.
In procedure the broadcaster was forced to pull out of launching a high-definition live internet TV service on the digital TV service Freeview before 2012 after failed to give a launch date or computer programming schedule to media regulator Ofcom. Five HD is supposed to launch on Sky’s digital Satellite TV service on Tuesday, 13 July.
 Project Canvas’s other partners include BT, TalkTalk, Channel 4, ITV and Arqiva.
Channel Five said it has decided to pull out of Project Canvas pending a review of its digital investment strategy.

“We continue to financial support the objectives of Project Canvas and despite withdrawing our saki in the venture we think it will be a critical part of our strategy for reaching consumers in the future,” said Charles Constable, director of strategy at Five.

Richard Halton, director at Project Canvas, said that the venture had received “first-class support” from Five, which he hoped would continue to work “as a content provider to the platform in the future”.

The Final bids are due by 19 July with RTL then set to whittle the new owners down to a final two.
ITV and Channel 4 are not among the bidders.

Downloading content from the BBC’s ‘iPlayer’ feature has now fit more elementary than ever before, as it is now conceivable to download most of your favourite BBC shows directly to your computer. It is also possible to watch BBC iPlayer content in countries other than the UK now, if you know what you are doing. 
For this account, you will need to puddle one that includes ‘administrator privileges’ for your system, as the installation of the BBC iPlayer Desktop is not possible without it. In addition, a system must be able to meet the required system specifications of the BBC iPlayer pages, but the website itself will be able to test for any required improvements, and offer the downloads requirement to meet this criteria.

Downloads from the BBC iPlayer for Windows would start by visiting the page wherever to install BBC iPlayer Desktop. The installation page will appear with simple instructions, commence by clicking the button indicating the “Install BBC Iplayer Desktop”. Adobe Air will start to install by itself. After following on-screen installation instructions, you will be questioned for confirmation on installing the application. Then, after installing, opening, and approving the conditions of the software, BBC iPlayer Desktop is ready for use. For Mac users, a similar act upon should apply, but following the on-screen installation instructions is the best way to go unless you are an forward-looking user with specific requirements.