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How To Uncover Keyword Rich Domain names

March 12th, 2011 No comments

Deciding on a excellent domain name is something you choose to do after picking out your market along with going through your market and keyword research.  It’s a must have need if you’re looking to host your own personal internet site and something you need to give major thought to when choosing the right one.

Throughout the last couple of years Google has applied more weight to keyword phrase rich domain names concerning Search engine optimization and its particular search engine positioning algorithm.  It has been confirmed time and again that having the exact keyword phrases with your domain name, especially with out hyphens can give you a massive increase in the ranks.

However, the problem that a number of people today come across nowadays tends to be that virtually all great domain names have already been snapped up.  Online marketers along with web masters have hopped on the domain band wagon and have virtually bought just about any good website domain name imaginable.  However, this is how it appears to be but isn’t actually the situation if you shop hard enough.

Quite possibly the most precious domains are one and two word dot com domain names that do not include a hyphen.  Not surprisingly these are hard to come by.  All those domains are valued at quite a bit regarding if you were eager to sell them.  Quite a few are worth several thousand dollars.  Perhaps even tens of thousands.  The best domains to search for however are generally 3 or 4 word domains.  These are generally simpler and easier to look for if you use an appropriate processes for doing so.  A lot of these longer domains usually are not always really worth a lot ‘value’ wise but from an Search engine optimization view can be valued at countless times what you pay for them.

Providing you make use of precisely the same keywords within your onpage areas of your websites homepage and give it a few weeks for your site to bed properly into Googles index you can expect a significant edge from using the exact match domain name.  I see time and time again, internet sites that show up at the top of Google with small amount of backlinks to their name, particularly when compared to their rivals who are listed under them.

One of the fastest and best ways to search out keyword rich domain names is to apply a bit of website optimization software called All-In-One SEO Toolbox v2. developed by SEO specialist, Andy Black..  This particular software is able to do lots of hours of work within minutes as well as gives you a great many other Search engine optimization functions which enables you to evaluate your competition and reign over your particular niche.  Watch the demonstration video on the site to discover exactly how potent it can be.

Of course, discovering keyword rich domain names is the first step.  In order to enhance your rank you need to build quality, related one way links pointing to your internet site.