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What to Look out for when Downloading iPod Movies

May 3rd, 2011 No comments

 Thanks to modern technology and clever innovations, enjoying your favourite TV programs whilst on the move is not impossible. Intelligent inventions have made it possible for us to enjoy our favourite TV movies on our palms with handheld devices like the ipod. This has outstandingly transformed the way we are able to enjoy our favourite TV programs. A search on the Net will uncover plenty of websites that offer iPod movie downloads softwares. These sites offer you more than 90 1000000 media files, including software bundles to download the songs, movies, music etc to your iPod, and other softwares like registry cleaner, adware/spyware removal applications. All these benefits for a lifetime fee of lesser than $50.

Nevertheless, we should be cautious ï»¿ in determining the authenticity of such softwares out there in the market. Some require payment of a small fee and some claim to be free. So how do we discover if these download ipod movies and music sites are the real deal or a scam?

This article has proposed the following checklist, to assist you in differentiating the real deal from the scam:-

1.  Payment v. Free Deal 

Most genuine softwares require the payment of a minimal fee that grants you lifetime access for watching tons of movies or listening to a great choice of music on your iPod. On the other hand, purportedly “free” deals are not in fact free in the sense of the word, as they only let you to watch and listen to certain particular movies or songs for free and where other premium songs or movies are selected, you are required to pay additional “fee”. According to what I have encountered, many supposedly “free” softwares contain spyware and malware that infected my computer resulting in me spending tons ï»¿ of money, time, effort and emotional stress to remove them.

2. ï»¿ï»¿ï»¿ Ease of Use of the iPod Movies Download Site

The software should be simple to use as if it is idiot proof. They should also be compatible with your iPod. Be cautious of softwares that prompt you to buy further softwares, hardwares or services before you are able to successfully install the software.

3.  Money Back Guarantee ï»¿

To support their genuinty, most sellers provide a 100% NO questions asked Money Back Guarantee. If you do not find this guarantee ï»¿ï»¿on the website that you are navigating, then you should not make your purchase from this website.

4.  fantabulous Customer Service Support

Most of the professional sites reply to your email for troubleshooting or any general enquiries in a matter of hours and most  provide wonderful customer support. 

There are some great review sites have made a comparison of various softwares in the market, tabulated their comments and recommendations for your ease of reference. So it would be helpful to check out websites such as: which can help you make an informed decision and to assure that you do not get scammed.

Raymond Michael is an internet savvy TV fanatic as well as consumer watchdog who values add his reviews and findings on the various softwares in the market currently.

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