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The Evo vs. the iPhone 4

March 8th, 2011 No comments

Apple continues to face competition from worthy opponents to its best-in-class iPhone 4 smartphone. The HTC Evo has been highly compared to the iPhone 4 and well with a larger screen, comparable camera and video chat capabilities, the iPhone 4 is surely put to the test. We will compare some of the most important features and differences in detail.

Here is our first look at two of the best and most ingenuitive smart phones to ever be created so far. The first difference any customer will notice is the screen size difference. Although the Evo has a bigger screen than that of the iPhone 4, the iPhone’s screen has better screen resolution. The size of the Evo’s screen allows for multiple widgets to fit and therefore making it easier for you to navigate through applications. Alternatively, the iPhone 4 features multiple folders that utilize screen space to a much higher degree than previous versions.

The iPhone 4 is an extremely slim and sleek phone that fits comfortably into a coat or a pants pocket. The HTC Evo is a little bit wider and has a slightly thinner frame than the iPhone 4, but the difference is hardly noticeable. The Evo does feature a few extra ports including an HDMI port that the iPhone 4 does not boast. With HTC Evo accessories such as a HTC Evo case and a HTC Evo battery this is something to keep in mind.

One main point of emphasis is how the two cameras stack up. The Evo smart phone sports an eight megapixel camera but the stills and video have been found to be noticeably inferior to that of the iPhone 4. While both of the cameras should suit the needs of weekend photography enthusiasts, where better detail is required, Apple seems to have come through with flying colors. Both phones have very sensitive cameras that adjust depending on the natural outdoor color. Some of the tested pictures of the Evo looked to be unnatural and have an odd quality about them. When comparing features such as camera to any other smart phone, the Evo has no competition, the iPhone however is in a class by itself.

Evo tasks continually run in the background whether or not there are multiple applications open at the same time. This is great especially because multitasking plays a huge role in today’s society. Many users will be quite pleased with the multitasking quality of the Evo. There appeared to be no drop in processor speed when multiple high memory application was running. Battery power is something to keep an eye on, but that is something that the newer chargers can handle. When it came to multitasking, the iPhone could simply not perform with the Evo.

On the contrary, switching between different applications is a little bit more difficult on the Evo. When trying to access different applications, users must return to the home screen in order to do so. Another way to access this is by pushing the Application button that is located when the vertical scroll lists pops up. To switch from app to app on the iPhone, users must simply go home and select the app they wish to use. The notification system on the Evo is more user friendly than to that of the iPhone 4. The Evo has an easier time dealing with social networking sites because of HTC Sense.