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Different Cases for the HTC Surround

May 29th, 2011 No comments

One thing you must know about cases is that they generally come in 2 different styles, leather and plastic. Leather tends to cost a bit more than plastic, but many users find that plastic cases work a lot better.

Some people will naturally gravitate toward plastic cases because they are more interested in physical protection than physical attractiveness, or because they are interested in saving as much money as possible after pouring so much of it into the smart phone itself, or because they simply prefer the simple look of plastic cases to the more fashion conscious look of leather cases.

While plastic cases are more economical, many people still prefer leather cases because they are attracted to the classic look or because they tend to be more stylish. Whatever the reasons, there are certain people who will naturally be drawn to one or the other type of smart phone case, and there is nothing wrong with that if you are or are not such a person.

You will want to decide between the two types of cases to make your shopping for HTC Surround accessories such as an HTC Surround case a little easier. To help out let me share some advice, it all comes down to personal preference, so of you are low in cash, like that style better than this one, or whatever, just be sure to know that it is your choice and any type of case will keep you protected. You will not always be able to try out the accessory in person, however, so you will want to read reviews ahead of time so you know which models to go for and which ones to avoid.

Finally, you might also want to pick up an extra HTC Surround battery while you are out shopping for accessories. Smart phones tend to use a lot of power because of all of the great features. Having a spare battery can only work in your favor and can even be a life saver.

Features of the HTC Surround

April 17th, 2011 No comments

It is always important to note that names of the different types of applications are always changing because of updates and such. That said, the general names for most apps should get you where you’re going without too much of a hassle.

When trying to locate local shops and venues it is important to have applications that have maps. This application alone might well be worth the purchase of the HTC Surround, or any other smart phone that allows you to access it. Why is it so useful? It’s essentially a GPS that fits in your phone. With the app, you don’t need to buy a separate GPS unit. Paying extra or filling out forms in unnecessary when using applications on your smart phone. It just works directly from your phone anywhere where you can access a phone signal, as this is what it uses to connect to the internet.

Once you are connected finding local shops and chain restaurants is very easy, your device does it all for you. It’s all at the tips of your fingers, and it’s made possible through what might be one of the most useful apps ever written for a smart phone.

Many users still prefer to search the old fashioned way and use Google to find anything they are looking for. Once you type in your zip code and the kind of restaurant at which you would like to dine, it’s a snap to find exactly what you’re looking for through a simple Google search. If you don’t want to put in your zip code, you can also put in your address and have Google locate the nearest shops and restaurants to where you live. Or if that seems a little too precise and creepy, you can simply put in the town, city, or neighborhood in which you live for similarly accurate results.

No matter which method you use to search for shops and restaurants in your area, you will likely appreciate the value of a few HTC Surround accessories to help make your searches more productive, or at least a little easier. For example, an HTC Surround holster is an easy way to keep your phone within arm’s reach, while an HTC Surround battery will give you extra charge for long searches.