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Top RSS Readers for the HTC Thunderbolt

June 5th, 2011 No comments

Users love the HTC Thunderbolt because it has the Android OS with HTC Sense, a gorgeous 4.3-inch screen and a host of other features. The HTC Thunderbolt is unlike any smart phone we have seen. HTC even made sure it had an amazing lineup of HTC Thunderbolt accessories available on the market before it ever released the device itself. So getting the perfect HTC Thunderbolt case or HTC Thunderbolt screen protector shouldn’t be a problem. But today, we’re going to focus on RSS, an option that we use our smart phones for and something which the HTC Thunderbolt is great at. So without further ado, let’s look at the top four RSS readers for your HTC Thunderbolt.

Featuring the spot, we have gReader, a simple RSS feed client. The biggest decision you’ll have to make using gReader is whether you want to view your feeds by site or in one big list. Oh, and did we mention that it’s fast, as in lightning fast? GReader may not be everything that a RSS power user desires from a newsreader, but not everyone is really a “power user”.. They just want fast, simple access to their favorite new sources, and that’s something gReader does better than any other app does.

Coming in at number two is FeedR. FeedR is a great tool for those users who track many sources. It allows you to define color-coded categories that you can easily label and tag, and then you can use these categories to organize various feeds. The good news is that it does all of this while still providing seamless integration with your Google Reader account. It’s also great how you can take a category and drop it onto the home screen as a shortcut. That’s a great way to have easy access to business news, entertainment news, sport news and so forth.

Our third choice is FastReader. This newsreader easily lives up to its name and it’s arguably the only application that’s faster than the gReader. But that speed comes at a cost. The user’s interface is minimal at best, and it has none of the bells and whistles that the gReader features. However, FastReader is a great choice if you treasure speed and efficiency above all else. So it might just be the best choice for those users who regularly deal with a dodgy connection. This lets you get in and get out fast.

Lastly, we choose FeedSquares. As many applications claim to be innovative, FeedSquares however is an application with an unique approach. Most RSS applications are organized and provide a simple and structured approach. FeedSquares takes a visual approach, and it can be quite effective for those users who work better visually. The UI represents each feed as a colored box with a brief snippet of text. Boxes are colored based on criteria you’ve set, similar to the categories that FeedR uses. But what we love most is the UI’s responsiveness and the way you can move boxes around as you sort through your news.