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5 Things You Can Do To Fix iPad Wi-fi Difficulties

May 18th, 2011 No comments

The iPad is rather robust.  If you proper care for your iPad in a wise way, it could be your very best good friend for life.  But occasionally points simply get weird.  Bring WiFi for example.  There are instances when you can literally lay you iPad on top of your wi-fi router and it even now won’t see it.  Then there are occasions when you are connected and working absent only to glimpse up and notice that you misplaced your WiFi net connection for no obvious reason.

In any case, it’s irritating and of course it can come about at the a lot inconvenient time.  I’ve had it come about whilst making an attempt to send an important email.  I’ve had it take place when I have just a few mins to get something done.  If you are in this fishing boat then right here are most things you can do to resolve the concerns FAST.

1. You can go to Configurations> Airplane Mode and tap the slider to turn it “On”.  Procrastinate a few mere seconds and then tap it yet again to turn it “Off”.  This could actually clear up most social networking troubles in a few cases. It’s a fast, straightforward fix.

2.  Go To Settings > General > Wi-Fi and tap the slider to turn it “Off”.  Hold out a few just a few seconds and then tap to turn it “On”.  At this point it must show you a listing of the offered wi-fi systems.

3.  Go to Configurations > General > Reset  and tap “Reset Network Settings”

4.  Reboot the iPad.  Maintain down the “Residence” button and the “Rest” button and procrastinate for the red button to appear and then slide it over to energy it off.  Delay a few just a few seconds then press the “Sleep” button on the top of the iPad to flip it again on.

5.  This excellent tip is from one of our readers.  He found out that some systems can not hook up if “AutoFill” is turned on for Safari.  So if your iPad can basically see the network but not hook up then go to Settings > Safari  and change off Autofill if it is on. (thank you Tim for this wonderful tip)

One of these 5 points should remedy the problem.  If they do not then it may be time to troubleshoot a small deeper. You can check out our brand new iPad troubleshooting web page for most good articles or blog posts and resources.  A lot importantly, don’t give up – eventually you will get the concern solved!

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