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Learn About Various Mafia Wars Strategies

May 23rd, 2011 No comments

Mafia Wars, which was created by Zynga, is a multiplayer online game.  The game has three different classes, the Maniac, the Mogul, and the Fearless. Whenever you acquire skill points you can add five different stats. This includes Attack, Defense, Health, Energy and Stamina. There are several types of mafia wars strategies in efficiently playing the game Mafia Wars. We will be concentrating on trying to level, fight, and gain money.  Don’t worry about looking for Mafia War cheats – there are none!


The most popular mafia wars strategy is to put all available skill points into the stat Energy. The basic of this is by using up all your energy just by doing jobs. Jobs with the highest experience to energy ratio are encouraged. It is also suggested to become a Maniac. If you choose this class type, it enables you to regenerate energy faster. If you have friends who play Mafia Wars, try asking them to send you Energy Packs. It is very beneficial in trying to level efficiently. Make sure you use all your energy before using an Energy Pack, and check to make sure you are not close to leveling. Once you have done and checked those two, you can use an Energy Pack and your energy will be restored to 125% of your normal energy.


The basics of this mafia wars strategy is to put your available skill points into Attack and Defense evenly. Say for example, if I have 20 skill points in Attack then in Defense I should also have 20 skill points. Mafia Size is very important, if you are using Mafia Wars on facebook, you can go to their fan page, and many people will be willing to add you to their Mafia. There are many ways, you can visit forums, invite your friends, ask people on yahoo answers, and many others. You need to have more than 500 members in your mafia. It is suggested to use a Chain Guns, Body Armor, and Town Cars for items. After accumulating a decent amount of Attack and Defense, you can start adding some stamina. You can fight more people if you do this. You should not try to fight mafias with much larger members than you. There’s a great possibility for you to loose. Try adding some energy for you to level up and have a decent fight record.