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Things to Consider When Buying an External Hard Drive

July 29th, 2011 No comments

In older times, owning an external hard drive was a luxury and these devices were not only big, but also needed an external power supply to function.However, now these devices have become so commonly available, that almost everyone has one of these devices which stores gigabytes of their content including photographs and other content.But in case you are looking to buy an external hard drive, following are some points that you should consider.

Whether you buy a pink external hard drive or a brushed steel one, the most important aspect of the external hard drive is the amount of storage space that the disk supports should meet your requirements.The thing is people seem to be buying bigger and bigger drives now just because they are there.While you could get a 2TB external hard disk from or other sources for as less as $120, 2048GB worth of storage space is much higher than the storage requirements of most people.Instead think about how much room you really need and then aim for one the next size up from what you think you need.This will ensure that you do not squander money for buying a disk where most of the storage is not going to be utilized.

You should also consider on how the device gets the power for functioning.Most of the smaller drives up to around 500gb will work right from your USB port on your computer which makes them extremely portable and convenient.The larger drives require more power though and they need you to plug in an adaptor to a socket, which makes them harder to use and a lot harder to transport around, particularly if you use yours with a laptop.

You’ll find different drives come with different software and you need to make sure you get one that suits your needs.If you want to use the drive for backing up the data on your computer then some of them come with great backup software that once you have done an initial backup will only then backup things that have been edited since the last time you backed up.However, these backup software solutions do have some issue when you want to selectively take a backup of your content, and often need to be configured properly to get proper behavior.

Information about both the drives and the software and the drive specification details, can be obtained by searching on websites like check out the reviews as well to see what other people think about the reliability of the unit and how useful the software actually is etc.