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Choosing the right Registry Software

March 16th, 2011 No comments

With all the talk online about PC performance most people eventually realize that they will probably need a system registry product at some point in time.   This can easily be confused with the need for a security product for the elimination and prevention of virus and malware corruption.  

Nonetheless, with a little research – which is easily accomplished by a user motivated by greatly degraded system performance – most people eventually ‘get it’ – i.e. that they are going to require professional assistance in the maintenance of the system registry.  Professional Registry Repair is clearly in the offing.

To restate what is probably obvious, the Windows System Registry is a database of parameters, launch options, and related application-control entries that are stored as Codes in a complex of files within a file.  The Registry is used not only by the operating system but all applications authorized to access it for the loading and installation of its code entries. 

These entries – while designed to replace obsolete and prior-version entries – are typically just “added onto” the existing mass of data about an application.  Because this file contains – over time – duplicate, redundant, and obsolete codes it eventually slows down performance to the point of shut-downs.

In order to correct this complex problem, you will need either a professional to clean the registry or a specially designed piece of code called a Registry Scan and Repair System.   Also, since there are many philosophies abounding with regard to how best to accomplish this task – along with the normal variance in the integrity of software firms – you will need to choose the right software product unless you wish to spend more and let Joe do it.  Deciding to let Joe do it – while not guaranteeing success – will normally cost you more and take a little longer. 

Let us assume that you opt to purchase your own registry software.  The question then becomes, how best to decide on which product to purchase. 

Before getting into the finer points of which product to buy you should be aware of one critical piece of data.  The Windows System Registry is a maze of technical complexity and poor design.  It has now also become the target for the ‘addition’ of errant and viral code that can greatly endanger your computer.  Therefore you should avoid the easy-fix temptation which is, of course, the FREEWARE versions of products on the market.  They are typically poorly written and may often do more harm than good.  They will rarely produce a good registry fix.

So, therefore, let us assume that you are intent upon obtaining a quality registry software product.  How do you decide on the right registry software?

These are the salient points of decision:

1. Make sure that the vendor has a quality reputation and is well-recognized in its field.

2.  Make sure that their product is ‘almost’ automatic.  This means it will be a current generation product.  Prior generation products asked you to decide which errant entries to delete.  To someone who has no knowledge of this technology those are inappropriate questions.

3.  Make sure that the vendor chosen has a customer service facility that is truly accessible to the user – preferably by phone.

4.  Make sure that their product has a full feature set that enables you to both scan and restore as well as backup the file.

5.  Make sure that you are not spending in excess of $100, with an average cost of $50 being more competitive.

6.  Make sure you obtain a money back guarantee that is good for 60 days.