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Samsung BX2431 24-Inch Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor (Black) Review

April 8th, 2011 No comments

The display image of Samsung BX2431 24-Inch Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor (Black) itself is excellent with very sharp images and vibrant colors. No complaints on the actual display (5 stars for that image). I personally use this monitor for work, which is outstanding for viewing documents and website pages. I have not used it for gaming or watching movies, and so i can’t discuss the style quality for all those uses.

The Samsung BX2431 24-Inch Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor (Black) physical housing however, is a major disappointment (1 star for the housing):

- The display is wobbly on the base.
- The tilt adjustment is super stiff. It will take 2 hands and more force than I want to apply to the wobbly base to regulate the tilt (one hand to keep the base and one hand to carry the bezel).
- The bezel and base are gloss black, so they really show each and every fingerprint and smudge. Samsung is apparently aware of this matter simply because they included a cleaning cloth with all the monitor that’s not for your display area, but for the bezel and base! Hey Samsung, skip the cleaning cloth and use a stop that will not highlight every fingerprint and smudge! Another downside of a gloss black bezel is always that it reflects light from adjacent light fixtures and windows, which I find to be a distraction. We have half a mind to get out some 400 grit sand paper and conserve the gloss finish forever.
- The base is a few stylish post modern curved design that can’t be used to put anything on (e.g. won’t hold a pen, an email pad, a paperclip, or my reading glasses), and it is therefore a useless waste of my desk space.
- The touch controls on the lower right side are exactly where I grab the monitor to regulate its position. Each and every time I really do this, I accidently shut the monitor off or activate some on-screen adjustment. I favor buttons in the lower middle to avoid this issue and show deference to the left-handed friends.

Finally, the ability cord features a power converter brick in the center of the cord, which can be a hassle. So, I love the display image and hate the housing on this monitor, resulting in 3 stars overall. If my complaints about the housing usually are not things that would bother you, do it. If you need a housing using a stable and useful base, an easy tilt adjustment, a non-reflective bezel, and/or VESA mounts then you definitely should pick a different monitor. For additional Samsung LED Monitors check out us at