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Features of the Samsung Captivate that Promote Safe Driving

February 8th, 2011 No comments

If you’ve recently got your hands on a Samsung Captivate, then you’re probably aware of many of its unique features. One thing that has always been common was that phones and driving do not mix well together. You might have found yourself honking or shaking your fist at unaware drivers who are more entranced with their phone than paying attention to where they are going. Most states even have laws against it now. However, there are some accessories for the Captivate that allow you to use some of the features safely while you drive. The accessories being discussed here will allow the use of GPS, hands-free speech, and even read incoming text messages. Read on to discover how these safety accessories can once again allow you to use your phone while you drive.

There is one group of Samsung Captivate accessories that allow you to keep your head up while driving: mounts. If you’ve ever seen a GPS device in a car, then Samsung Captivate case mounts work about the same way. There are many to choose from. Some of these accessories can be mounted on a dashboard and some works with windows. All of these listed can range from simple to intricate. The simple mounts are basically two plates with a hinge. As one side sticks on the dashboard, the phone goes in the other. The advantage to these is that they take up a small amount of space.

However, you might want a mount with more features. If that’s the case, then you’ll want something with more gadgetry. There are many mounts available that can swivel, rotate, and flexible as you see fit. This can prove to be effective if you’re utilizing GPS and require assistance from the passenger. They can just adjust and rotate it to their side and move it back when finished. Most of these mounts use powerful suction cups to keep the mounts in place. However, some are available using adhesive if you need something stronger.

Adding a Bluetooth headset will allow you to accept incoming calls. With the voice recognition feature, you can even speak the name of any of your contacts and have the number dialed directly. Another useful feature on the Captivate is called text-to-speech. With this feature, incoming text messages are spoken out loud by the computer. Don’t miss any of your important messages when driving in busy traffic. Just be sure you don’t try writing a text while you drive. As of yet, there is nothing available that lets you do that. Voice recognition software eventually will be developed that will translate the voice into a text.

Finally, you’ll want to add a Samsung Captivate screen protector. While this may not contribute to road safety, it helps keep the screen on your phone unscratched and unscathed. These protectors are thin and transparent films that are almost invisible once placed correctly. These are usually cheap and can come in packs of three or more. So, you’ll have plenty of replacements once the protector becomes worn. The best part is that these protectors are much cheaper to replace than the screen itself.

So, there you go. These are accessories that can provide safe measures when enjoying the extended capabilities of the Samsung Captivate. GPS applications can help provide accurate directions to destinations. Text to voice will make handling text messages extremely easy. The heads-up case mount along with a hands-free headset that makes concentrated driving and multi-tasking easy. Finally, don’t forget to keep your screen looking new with one of the screen protectors available. Add up all these accessories, and you’ll be good to drive the road with your phone again.