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Types Of Training Courses For Microsoft Users

March 20th, 2011 No comments

If you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft software, it can often be quite baffling when you first try and use it. There are, however, many excellent training courses that teach you how to use it, and we’ve put together this short guide to give you the lowdown on some of the most recommended Microsoft training courses. It can be a good idea, for instance, to go on a course that teaches you an overview of Microsoft programs. This is an especially good idea if you’ve never used Windows before.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular software programs made by Microsoft and it is used to document the accounts of many businesses, making the training courses highly recommended. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, there’ll be a course to suit your requirements. You can expect to cover basic topics such as entering data into a worksheet as well as more complicated things like using formulae and creating charts based on your data. Courses exist for different versions of Excel, too.

It can also be a good idea to attend a training course on Microsoft PowerPoint, particularly if you are involved in public speaking as this program teaches you how to construct slides and put them together into a presentation. You’ll start off by learning the basics of making presentations on PowerPoint and build up to more complex things such as saving the presentation for online delivery, adding speaker notes and installing media such as videos or charts and other interactive features. You’ll also look at WordArt, pictures and text.

Outlook is Microsoft’s main email program and it can be useful to go on a training course to find out how to use it as it’s used in many offices. The main thing you’ll learn will be about how the email function works – how to access your emails, send them and receive them. The course can also be expected to include managing your email contacts and learning how to set up appointments through the Outlook software. It will also look at making meeting requests and customizing Outlook for personal use.

Microsoft Project training courses are recommended for anyone who’s interested in learning how the program can help them in the project management aspects of their job. Project can benefit everyone involved in a specific project as it allows you to set up management processes to keep track of things. The training course will look at how you can set up a task list and a schedule of when things need to be completed by. It’ll also look at creating project calendars and sharing information.

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