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15lv505 15.6 inch from Toshiba. Delivers more than expected

May 16th, 2011 No comments

The Toshiba 15lv505 15.6 inch  Delivers extra than expected
We are incredibly happy with our toshiba 15lv505 LCD TV. We bought it last year and it was a best fit for our kitchen. Volume was incredibly excellent and so was the picture (that didn’t occur with our old TV). It consists of a Qam turner and we can pick all of the local stations in HD.
What was a pleasant surprise was that we could tune in over 50 music stations. It is like having XM radio. We only listen to several, but there’s possibilities for everybody.
We are really pleased with our new Toshiba 15lv505 15.6
inch LCD TV bought in Jan., 2009. It really is styled nicely and fits on a shelf in our kitchen perfectly. It is a plus that it includes a Qam tuner. We are picking up all of the local stations on Cable in HD. Other stations appear to be HD also. To our surprise we can bring in 50 music stations. It’s practically like having XM Radio. Our taste is classical, jazz, mood music. Even so, all styles of music are out there. When listening, the screen lists the music and performer. Excellent! Some have complained about the amount of time this Toschiba needs to switch channels. It’s no issue to us. After the 1st day we carefully went though the whole channel list. We wrote down the channels, networks, etc beyond our regular cable offering. These are the channels in 5 digits that the Qam tuner pick up for you. We’ve typed up the list, and now we do not waste time searching. We know precisely the station number we desire which is very helpful when you have stations like 85.600. A final plus is that it is energy star rated. We’re very happy with this TV.

Key Features

    * 15.6-inch widescreen, TFT LCD display that’s great for viewing standard, high-definition programming. The display also features a 250 cd/m2 brightness rating, 500:1 contrast ratio, and a 5ms response time.
    * Native 720p HD resolution (1366 x 768)
    * 170-degree horizontal viewing angle for easy viewing from the side (150-degree vertical viewing angle).
    * Built-in slot-loading DVD player that’s also compatible with DVD-R/RW, standard audio CDs, and CD-R/RW media. Other features include digital picture zoom, fast scan, slow motion, and multi-camera angle selection.
    * Play MP3 files burned to disc
    * Dolby Digital and DTS compatible output multi-channel audio experience and unsurpassed three-dimensional audio performance rivaling the very best movie theaters. You’ll be able to also connect this TV to a DTS-compatible receiver/decoder via its digital audio output for playback of high-resolution multi-channel DTS-encoded DVDs and CDs.
    * Bottom mounted stereo speakers with bass and treble controls
    * Cinema Mode for brilliant playback of films on DVD
    * ColorStream HD component video input delivers a clean picture to your TV via three cables (color-labeled in green, blue, red; also referred to as Y/Pb/Pr) and keeps all of the picture elements separate, growing color resolution.
    * V-Chip parental controls
    * Closed captioning
    * Tri-lingual onscreen menus in English, French and Spanish
    * Included remote control
    * Toshiba 15lv505 Meets ENERGY STAR 3.0 certifications